Cavendish Fox Commission Form –

Full-body illustration

An email will be sent when the time comes to start work on your commission. Feel free to provide Telegram, Twitter, Discord and a message will be sent there as well.
Doesn’t have to be your actual name. Character name is fine!
Invoices are sent via paypal.
How many characters will be drawn in this illustration?
A partial background would be simple props, like chairs or the like without a larger context. A full background would include a complex scene. No background would be a plain white backdrop, or a few simple colors/shapes for flair. If you’re not sure which, describe what you want and I’ll let you know.
Please provide all links to visual references for all characters to be drawn
Be as detailed as you can. Expressions poses, actions, props, etc!
Generally when I finish a commission, I like to post it to Twitter and put it in my gallery on Fur Affinity. If you would prefer I not post your commission, simply mark “yes.”